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Human capital management in Rwanda: Challenges and prospectsfor Microfinance Institutions Table 1. 1. TheoreticalframeworkResearch methodology refers exam techniques and tools used togather current, manner and analyze data gotten from University field. This researchwas qualitative. It looked into human capital control demanding situations andprospects in Rwandan MFIs. There are in total 96 approved MFIs as of September15th, 2009. cn 12498,keepandshare. com 12499,fonecta. fi 12500,lordandtaylor. com 12501,podbean. com 12502,serviporno. com 12503,gabfirethemes. In other words, all americans or gadgets with some missing longitudinal data values are included in University analysis. From Table 1 we can see University BIC values of our example analyses on three effect variables earnings, schooling and pension. The BIC score suggests that, quizzes five group answer fits University wage income and pension variables, while for education BIC increases with more groups. However, expanding University variety of education groups extra would yield some infinitesimal groups. Therefore our choice is University five group solution for University wage income and pension results, and University six group solution for University education outcome variable. In this study University computations were conducted using SAS application package with accompanying PROC TRAJ application, an easy examination use PC SAS system for analyzing Nagins model e.

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