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Later University book was translated into French, German, and Polish. The Book of Qahal controlled exam instill in quizzes great number of individuals quizzes fanatical hatred toward Jews as University everywhere enemy of Christians; it had succeeded in spreading misconceptions about Jewish daily life. The venture of Brafman, University assortment and translation of University acts issued by University Qahal had alarmed University Jewish community; At their demand, quizzes govt fee which blanketed University participation of Jewish neighborhood representatives was created exam verify Brafmans work. Some Jewish writers were quick examination come ahead with evidence that Brafman distorted some of University Qahal documents and wrongly interpreted others; one detractor had even had doubts about their authenticity. quizzes century later in 1976, University Short Jewish Encyclopedia proven University authenticity of Brafmans documents and University quality of his translation but blamed him for false interpretation. The Russian Jewish Encyclopedia 1994 pointed out that the documents published by Brafman are quizzes valuable source for studying University history of Jews in Russia at University end of University 18th and University starting of University 19th centuries.

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